My Goals

Ms. White
Period 1

Personal Goals

My personal goals include being kind, considerate, and caring.  To achieve these goals I plan to think about things before I say them, and I plan to think about other people before I think about myself.

Educational Goals

My goals in education are to make high A's on my report card and to pick up good studying habits.  To achieve these goals, I will pay more attention in class, think outside of the box, push the extra mile, and study.

Nutritional/Fitness Goals

My goals of Nutrition are to eat healthy and to drink more water.  To achieve these Nutritional Goals I will choose what I eat more wisely and, as I said, drink more water.

My goals of Fitness are to maintain healthy muscles and to stretch daily.  To achieve these goals, I will exercise more regularly, watch what I eat, and remind myself to stretch more often.

Humanitarian Goals

To help others, I plan to do volunteer work (when I get the time), think about others instead of me, and give more to the community.

Career Goals

One day I want to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Anesthesiologist, or a General Practitioner.  To achieve this goal early, I will work hard for extra college credits or early graduation of the Early College, strive my absolute hardest, and start working on this goal early.