Glen Casey

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Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade
(School District of Philadelphia)
1601 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121
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Why is Glen a Hero?

Glen Casey has overcome many hardships in his life to ultimately be able to attend the University of Pennsylvania.  I was part of the transition team when University City High School became a Promise Academy.  I saw the slow, steady change in some of the student's that came from additional support through the Student Success Center and other interventions. The real tragedy of this story is that University City High School was becoming a beacon of hope in a very dim area of the city!  The supports and programs that were in place were beginning to make a very real difference to the students and the surrounding community.

All of the teachers, parents, and other community members could see a difference in this fantastic young man!  The fact that he is able to face his "trials by fire" and still stand tall, is a testament to his courage, conviction, and strength!  To see that he is not only successful, but feels the need to help others out of similar situations, through his work in education, gives me hope and courage to persevere in a district where it is often hard to see effort pay dividends.  

Use the following links to view the entire program of "Glen's Village". Discuss the differences and similarities his story may have to your lives. Talk about something that might "save" you in your near future, and a little about the path you want to be on in your life!

Glen's Village Documentary

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