The Moon's Importance

Brett Fullerton
8th hour

What Does the Moon Do?

The moon causes three important things on earth. It causes phases, tides, and eclipses.


There eight phases the moon goes through. The phases are full moon, new moon, first quarter, third quarter, waning crescent, waning gibbous, waxing crescent, and waxing gibbous. We have phases because the revolution of the moon around the earth. When the moon revolves around earth the sun hits different parts of the moon making some of it dark and some of it illuminated. Phases affect on earth by when it is dark outside if it is a new moon you can kinda see but if it is a new moon you can't see as good as if it was a full moon.


Tides are causes by the moon. There are four tides, spring tide, neap tide, high tide, and low tide. During a spring tide on part of the world has the highest tide of the year and the lowest tide of the year. During a neap tide all tides are the same around the world. Tides affect us by making the ocean go up or down.


The moon has two major eclipses. They are the solar eclipse and the Lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse is where only the outer edge of the sun is visible because the moon is blocking the sun and it occurs During the day. A lunar eclipse occurs during night and the moon appears red. The eclipses are important because the look really cool.

The moon is important because it causes phases, tides, and eclipses. Life without the moon would not be good we wouldn't have phases, tides, or eclipses.

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