Building An Office That Employees Love Working In

In Singapore, some office design is cheap while others cost a pretty penny. Because of this wide range in price, I find myself wondering: At what point does the cost of a project outweigh the benefit of the proposed results?

Reasons for Creative Office Design
Without getting into the specifics of each, there are reasons that a creative office design Singapore workplace can be an important asset for any company.

a. Improve efficiency of employees
b. Improve workplace atmosphere
c. Improve employee wellbeing
d. Improved means of enticing prospective talent
e. Improved means of impressing potential customers

Costs of Creative Office Design
Let’s take a peek at some reasons you might find a well-designed office to be expensive:

a. Construction/Designer Costs
b. Furniture
c. Larger Space
d. Time Intensive

Analyzing the Costs and Benefits Together
Without putting dollar signs on each of employees, it is important to think about the reasons for improving your office and whether those are worthwhile investing or not. That’s not to say that you either make the improvements or don’t make them, but rather a call to make intelligent decisions about what is most important for your business.

Google obviously feels comfortable designing posh, fun, and photogenic workspaces to entice employees, but is it really necessary for every employer to spend much money on an office with creative office design as a means of recruiting? No, instead, focus on building an office that your employees love working for.

Many companies do see the importance of using their office space as an advertisement. But please know that just spending money on an office to make it seem like you are an amazing company is not enough to actually make you one.

Construction costs are the bulk of any major office redesign, while furniture is the least expensive. Facebook’s Palo Alto office was completed with a low cost because they were able to choose a space without needing major construction work.

Sometimes, beyond money, redesigning an office can be a real pain and used up more time than you would actually save by having a redesign.

All of this said, envying over photos of offices is one thing, but when it comes to actually designing an office with creative office design, please make sure that the goal of your design isn’t to win the prettiest office award, but rather to win the best functioning space to work in.