*All About Me*

I was born on June 1st 2002 in California.  I lived with my mom and dad in a shiny house which I remember vividly ,but then I got sick and was diagnosed with a uninary track infection I basicly lived in a hospital

I got out of the hospital about nine months later and when I was almost our I went to a school called St. Theresa. I have been in St. Theresa ever since and I like it very much

I still have a very fun life out of school going to Oregon every year to see my distant family same with Florida, except for the every year part. I go ride motorcycles with my dad and go shopping with my mom and sometimes me my aunt and uncle, my mom and dad, and my cousins all go to the beach.

All the adventures I have made include the people I love and sometimes my friends. I have made many friends and still continue on making new ones.I I have a couple best friends ,but that is all in this school.

I enjoy going to the beach and making videos on my ipad mini for my friends

When I get older I would like to join the you tube community making videos for others to see and be happy from. I am Jordan Crittenden and this is who I am. Thanks for watching!

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