Mobile Apps for Secondary Science: Human Body

Exploring Technologies to further understand the complex human body.

1. Puzzle Anatomy App

Google. (2015). Puzzle Anatomy on Google Play. Retrieved March 16, 2015 from

Puzzle Anatomy is an app that is designed in appearance and function wise for both youths and adults to introduce knowledge of the human body and organs. The app created in a form of interactive fun puzzle, that requires players to correctly position main organs in the human body. Each movement of the pieces of puzzle will correspond to a specific reaction of the human body itself. It is a very fun and interactive learning tool! This app will provide greater opportunities for reviewing the human body parts, after it had been learned in class. Best thing about this app is that it is free to install!

2. Human Anatomy App

The Human Anatomy App is a convenient quick reference guide to certain topics of the body. It consist of many topics that may be covered in class, such as the cardiovascular  system, digestive system, endocrine system etc. It contains a detailed description of the body part and it's function. Therefore, this app is more suited for high school students rather than junior high students. The best feature for this app is that it is equipped with a Text To Speech (TTS) conversation for individuals who prefers listening over reading.

3. Kid Science Amazing Human Body

This app is an engaging application that is more targeted towards younger students from grade 7-9. This Kid Science app consist of facts about the respiratory system, the  muscles, the skeleton, nervous system etc. It is a playful tool for students as it provides fun features for games and interesting experiments that are related to the topic. Along with resources, fun quizzes are created in regards to the topic and information that was covered in that section.  The only downfall for this app is that it needs to be purchase for $3.33 on google play. Nevertheless, this is a fun, useful and engaging app for students to use at any time, place or pace.

4. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Being healthy is very important for all states of being, such as physically, mentally and socially. The human body functions much better, more efficiently and the individually is happier with a balance, healthy diet and routine. This app provides quick tips and resources on daily health improvement such as diet, postures, stress relieves etc. The app can assist in improving the human body as a whole and will provide helpful knowledge for students in the future as well. Nevertheless, students can benefit from the app, due to stress factors from school or daily lives that might effect their physical well being as well. The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind app is aimed more towards older individuals, as it requires more reading and more detailed information.

5. Human Body

The Human Body app is a great resource for reviewing, learning or testing knowledge about the human system. The main feature for this app is the amount of quizzes available and the games that covers a wide variety of topics and system. The instructions for the activities are straightforward and easy to use for students from grade 7 to grade 12. Each organs that is placed on the empty human body diagram, will work together  if correctly position and will then notify the user. This is a great app especially since it is free to install as well!

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