CCM1 Math Project

Saiuddeep Anand, Period 3, Mrs. Rice, Graph 10

Graph 10

When reading this story please enjoy the lovely jazz music playing and just relax.

Agent MyNameIsASecret is running a 5 km race. There are two options. One where you run to the half way point of the trail and then you turn around, and then there is the second option where you run the 5 km following the trail completely. Agent MyNameIsASecret chose the first option to go half way on the trail and turn around. The world may never know who the agent actually is and by the way, he/she starts off at the starting line and he runs at a steady pace for 20 minutes, running for 1.5 km. Again the world may never know who the agent actually is and anyway, from there he/she does not see anybody behind him/her so he/she starts to slow down to a jog. Then suddenly an evil villain appears and gets squashed by a falling log after she jogged 1 km for another 20 minutes at a steady pace to the half way mark for the race . Sucks to be you evil villain. Anyway, because of the incident the agent is left standing still in plain surprise, not moving at all for 20 minutes. When Agent MyNameIsASecret finally notices that he/she wasted sometime at the scene, he/she jogs back towards to starting line for 1.45 km for 40 minutes a bit slowly increasing in speed for as time goes on. Then the agent jogs at a steady pace for 20 more minutes and the he/she finally gets run over by a car and he/she ends up at the hospital. At the hospital the agent takes a lot of selfies and he/she posts it all over snapchat, instagram, facebook, pinterest, and more.

The End.

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