My Favorite Season

By: Julia Douglas

My Favorite season has the aroma of, crisp air and that warm turkey smell, and those wonderful candle smells!

I glance at trees with all sorts of red, purple, and a ton of other colors! Leaves are falling to the ground. I see everyone in my family eating with me.

I listen to the crunch of leaves under my feet. The timer going off telling me the turkey is done baking.

My mouth waters for turkey, brownies, macaroni, fish, cake and chocolate candy!

This season makes me feel very relaxed, and the wind feel cool on my face.

The weather is decent, comfortable, and there is a cool breeze.

I would describe my favorite season with words like, relaxing, cool, delicious, pretty, leaves and interesting!

What makes this season my favorite is I get to be with my whole family, all the delicious food, decent weather and going to school again!     

This season is by far the best to me!