My Passion

By Pablo Ferreiro

I have a hobby. I must say that it is even an obsession !!! It is playing computer games. My hobby is a bit expensive but it depends on the games I play with. For example, Scribblenauts Unlimited is expensive but playing Garry’s Mod is not because you can play online. You just need the wifi and a PC but some games are very expensive like Left 4 Dead 2 o Minecraft.

I also like going to the cinema. I usually talk in Skype with other players we love talking about the games we play and comment on them. Y like going to the cinema too and see good films like “Raining Meatballs”. If a had more free time I would play more computer games. I think that my studies take up my free time.

I used to swim but now I don’ t because I liked tennis more.

I like this video because the troll he maded a trick with the diamonds and the gold to the other character,the troll change the wood for bedrock,the troll change the dirt for the lava.

This is the interview I did to my father on his spare time.

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