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fancontact review is all about quickly positioning yourself for making cash from the Internet, taking advantage of the “Done for you," plug and play “Solo profit funnel." The funnel will help you to skip tons of work and jump right into making profits. This report will help you to understand the funnel you just purchased. You'll know how to install it, what to do with it and how to use it for maximum profits.

It doesn't matter what your experience level is, with the DFY Solo Profit Funnel, you can start making money even you have joined Internet Marketing today. Because, we have laid the system in that way! But before we dig deep into it, let me tell about myself a bit. My name is Khondoker and since it's difficult to pronounce it for most of you (lol), you can just call me, “K”.

That's what my Internet marketing associates, partners, fellowmastermind-group-members and mentors call me! I'm in the Internet Marketing for five years now- full time, with no day job right from the start. The first year was difficult trying to make it, but I had my goal ahead and had the drive to reach the goal. I advanced taking one step at a time and eventually reached my primary goal, which was earning $100 a day.

I used to find and write contents all day and night at the oDesk to meet my expenses- initially that was how I started my IM journey! But things changed within a year. I managed a couple of local companies selling international brands (like KFC, Pizza Hut) and appointed as their fancontact review. It was 15 minutes work per day per page, and they were paying me more than enough and leaving me sufficient time to concentrate on my Internet marketing business.

Moreover, I considered myself lucky because the first thing I did (the day I started my IM journey) was to create a free account at the Warrior forum. Everything I know about IM, I learned from there (and still learning). By the end of 2011, a number of my affiliate sites (Amazon & Click Bank) were making me a steady income, and I was happy with the growth.

But then, the Google Panda and Penguin updates ruined everything. I went through almost a year down time, frustrated, trying to figure out my direction. One thing I understood by the incident that I cannot let others to control my traffic flow (which is the life blood of my business). I have to create my own traffic, my own private audience over whom I'll have the total control! So I focused all my attention to build my email list.

I started list building and email marketing at the end of 2013, and it has given me the success beyond my expectation! I build my list using several methods. And I am about to reveal the most successful among the fancontact review I have implemented so far. This method runs almost on an auto-pilot, building my list and making me money at the same time! In DFY Solo Profit Funnel report, I have laid the exact system I use. So, I won't keep you waiting any longer... let's jump into the meat and start making money Here is the overview of the system we will be using for “DFY Solo Profit Funnel." DFY Solo Profit Funnel is based on the three-step success model. If you can recall that the three-step success model was like this: 1) Traffic Generation- We will cover this issue, mostly with solo ads.

2) A proper sales funnel- We have done it for you, but you have to upload everything into your server to make it functional- step by step instruction is provided later in this report. 3) The ability to build a relationship with those that enter your sales funnel – done for you as well, through a series of emails, to be placed in your email management software, i.e. Aweber, Getresponse, Mail Chimp, etc. Don't worry if you cannot relate these three steps with what you already have downloaded.

We will go through everything in detail later. Your “DFY Solo Profit Funnel” is the 2nd & 3rd component of the three-step success model above. The three step success model for the system we will be using to build our complete business and your “DFY Solo Profit Funnel” with everything in it is the major elements within this business system. This DFY Solo Profit Funnel also has four elements in it: A reverse squeeze page.

An OTO (One-time time offer) Auto-responder email sequence A Reverse Squeeze Page- Front End Product You need to understand “Squeeze Page” first to understand a “Reverse Squeeze Page." A Squeeze page is the web page with a subscription sign-up or optin form in the front and content supplied after the subscription is called a “Squeeze Page."

Here is an example below how a squeeze page looks like: In the squeeze pages, subscription is encouraged by announcing a valuable content. There's no way to know what type and quality of content a visitor will receive after putting in his email to a squeeze page. Reverse squeeze pages are just the opposite. The visitors are sent to a page, where there are contents, they might be interested in.

If they like the content and feel interested to know more on the subject, the opt-in form is presented to them. We are using reverse squeeze page for a specific purpose. We are placing not one but three pages before one could subscribe, also for a specific purpose. The optin rate might be better with the traditional squeeze page, but they might not be responsive.

With reverse squeeze page, the subscribers will be much more responsive as they already trust you reading your content. They know what to expect! They are already committed! So whatever offer you sent them to (by emails), they will respond. An OTO (One-time time offer) The subscribers from our reverse squeeze page will be forwarded to this offer page where you are going to put a product to sell and make money. Don't worry, the product has already been prepared for you and placed at the right place in your funnel.

The reverse squeeze pages with the auto-responder emails together has been arranged to be the OTO product in the funnel you have purchased and you'll be selling it at $17 to your subscribers! Auto-responder email sequence Some of your subscribers will not purchase your OTO products. But You'll have their emails as they already subscribed to your reverse squeeze page. They didn't purchase, but you'll email them to extract profit from them.

In those emails, there will be your affiliate links. Possibilities are there that they will purchase from your affiliate link and make you some commissions. We have written 7 convincing emails for you. These will be sent automatically from your auto responder account, one each day, up to 7 days! How The System Runs The system runs like this: you have to purchase traffic from soload vendors and send the visitors to your DFY Solo Profit Funnel.

Your visitors will land at the first page of your reverse squeeze page, read the content there, and if they like, they will visit the 2nd page of your reverse squeeze page by clicking “click here to continue” button near the bottom of the first page


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