90's-The Age of Technology and What Technology I wanted


     I remember growing up in New York in the 1990's when Apple announced that the iPod was being released to the public in 2001. It was 1999 when I heard this announcement. When I found that the iPod's would cost $400 I jumped with excitement! The reason why I did this was because if I worked all summer I could get enough money to buy my own iPod! When I got home from school after finding this out and told my parents my mom told me,

"That's wonderful son, are you sure you sure you want to spend so much money if you actually get the money you need?"

"I'm sure I want to spend all of that money because for the first time I will be able to hear all the music I want, from rap, to country, to hip hop, to rock." I told her.

"What is your plan to get this money?" asked my dad.

     I then told them all about how I was going to sell slushies and lemonade in the park whenever I could. When summer came around I made $50 on my first day since so many people went to the park when school got out. When I got back to New York after visiting my family in Mississippi, I made a total of $117 the whole week. At the end of the summer I had $867 in all. A little bit over a year later in 2001 I went to the electronics store and bought my very own iPod! My parents were so proud of me, and my friends were jealous but I let them listen to the music anyway. The iPod went everywhere I went including picnics, party's, school, friends houses, and even the grocery store. After a while Apple came out with a better iPod and the story started all over again.