5 K-12 Mobile Learning Apps

Ian Regnier, Module 9, EDU 210

App #1: VoiceThread

Voice Thread is an app that allows it users to record themselves audibly and on video, along with making conversations and diagrams. Once these conversations are made anyone can join them from their own mobile device. This collaboration can lead to effective creativity in the classroom amongst students.

App #2 Animoto

This app allows you to take pictures and videos and share them instantly with your friends on mobile devices. Animoto is convenient for its slick formatting and quick uploading format.

App #3

AudioBoo is a site hosting online audio clips from various different sources covering various different topics. Audio Boo allows students to record themselves and share with other students

App #4 Mindblowing

This is an application from the University of Hong Kong that also allow for the sharing of audio and images. One of the main features it also boasts is the ability to track process flows.

App #5 Create a Comic

This app allows for students to engage in making up a story. This is a creative medium for group projects where the students have a variety of characters and backgrounds to choose from in order to tell their story in their own unique way.

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