Theatre III/IV Syllabus


Teacher: Mrs. Carothers
Room: 5120
Phone: 972.292.1840 x25120
Website: - Includes calendars, curriculum and more!

Course Description

Theatre Arts III and IV will give students an opportunity to further develop acting skills by studying the methods used by renowned actors and directors. Students will gain deeper experience with classic plays across a wide range of styles and periods. Students will prepare for college and professional auditions. The course will also cover directing and playwrighting. Theatre Arts III/IV students will be required to attend all LEHS theatre productions as well as one professional theatre production outside of school for the year. I provide opportunities for students who cannot afford to purchase a ticket to our shows, but students must arrange that with me in advance. Our classroom blog provides a resource for finding locations and ticket prices for professional shows here.

Theatre III/IV class objectives can be found here.

More information about what will be covered specifically throughout the year can be found here.

Materials Needed for Class

I may request other materials throughout the year with plenty of advance notice.


Grading for specific assignments will be communicated, but generally is as follows:
A+ – student goes above and beyond
A – student consistently meets the expectations
B – student meets the expectations most of the time
C – student meets the expectations some of the time
D – student puts in some effort

Tests/Projects/Performances (Summative) assignments - 60%
All other (Formative) assignments - 40%

Formative assessments can be turned in on time for full credit. After the due date, the student may receive 90% of the grade they earn for their work up until 3 days before the end of the grading period.
Summative assessments can be turned in on time for full credit. After the due date, the student loses 10 points for each day late up to 30 points. Summative assessments may not be turned in more than 1 week after the due date.

Summative assignments may be re-taken in order to increase the students' grade on a case-by-case basis. The policy for each type of assignment is different, so it's best to speak with Mrs. C if you are interested in bringing up your grade.

Students who are absent must:
*check the blog
*speak with a peer
*speak with Mrs. C if they still have questions
All work from their absence must be made up within the number of days they were absent, plus one day.

Rarely does a student need tutoring in Theatre III/IV, but if they need additional time or help with their work, this can be scheduled on an "as needed basis."

Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated. If a student copies someone else's work when original content was requested they will still need to complete the assignment for learning purposes, but will not be able to receive credit. If a student allows another to copy their work, neither will be able to receive credit.

Classroom Best Practices

We concur with all LEHS policies regarding student conduct and behavior. Additionally, we will:
Be kind in word and action
Encourage others
Be our best


Please fill out the following Google Form. This will serve as acknowledgement that you have received and read your student's class syllabus. There is also a place to provide your preferred contact information as well as volunteer within the theatre.

Acknowledgement/Volunteer Form