Social Studies
By Aneesh Roy


The first thing we learned about in social studies was maps. We learned that there are three main types of maps, which are political, physical, and thematic. We created a map which had to be neither physical nor political. I did a map of the types of materials in the school. We learned about keys and legends too.


For governments, we did a bunch of activities. There are republics, dictatorships, oligarchies, constitutional and regular monarchies, and so many more. We had a project where we had to build the tallest structure with only a few materials, all while operating under a type of government. Each type had a few setbacks. My group was a democracy, and we had to vote on absolutely everything. We got third place, even though we were actually really far behind. In the end, ours was one of the three that didn't fall down. A short video explaining communism is below.

Longitude and Latitude

I already knew a lot about longitude and latitude. The warm-ups where we had a map and had to find the the point was pretty easy to me. When we had the project, I made a rap explaining longitude, the International Date Line, the Tropics, and other important lines. It was called The Map Rap, and was made by The Coordinators, a.k.a. Arman and I.


My colony was up in the north, right next to lake Michigan in the Illinois area. Sangho and I created a map where the necessities would have been a city hall, farms, and bathrooms. We brought 175 people with us, with 35 being children, and the rest being adults. We decided that about 1/4 of our people would perish in the first winter, but we would flourish in the coming years.


We haven't really finished Mesopotamia, but we have learned about the civilizations there,the time period it was in, where it was physically located, and other things. I hope to learn more about this place as it seems very, you know, AWESOME.

Since the start of school, Social Studies has been a fun and interesting class and I am looking forward to the rest of the school year.