My songs. My life.

Hey there, Tackk-ers! Here are some of my works.

1. Simply With Your smile

Always waiting for the right time,
and how I wish to be with the right girl.
Hoping one day if I open my eyes,
I will see your smile.

It's you; you can brighten up my day.
Simply with your smile, everything's okay.
Right away, all my worries will fade away
with your smile.
Simply with your smile, your smile (yeah)


2. Love Play

The story starts when we were young,
Behind the guardhouse, in the tree, playing for fun.
And we'll wait for the sunset to come.
'Cause you said you love it when our silhouette falls to the ground.

And you said, "Hey, do you love me?"
I just smiled and started to say..

(That) You are the queen and I'm the king,
we will defend for our castle.
The choir sings while I give you the ring,
we will fight on every battle.
In this love play, I hope it'll come true.
Do not say goodbye,
'Cause every time and every day, I love you.


3. I Arise

I was a boy, that no one likes,
because of everything I have.
I was a boy, that no one cares,
So I'm at home and always alone..

But then again I rise from fall and
turn my world upward now.
I'm here to prove my worth.
(I'm here to prove my worth)
But then again I rise from fall and
turn my world upward now.
I'm here to stand myself.
(I'm here to stand myself)
I arise. I arise. I arise (wo-oh-oohh)



I didn't include the whole lyrics of my songs because of the "copyright" thing and for my privacy purposes.  So, sorry, guys :)

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3 years ago

You're such a good song-writer.

3 years ago

Thank you :)