MY Top Ten TV Shows

Welcome! This is a list of MY top 10 TV shows! Yes, you heard me say MY. This is NOT about you. This is about MY top 10 TV shows, NOT YOURS. So please, don't leave any hate comments like "Not that show! That show sucks!" or "You have terrible taste in TV, go jump off a cliff!" NO. That crap annoys the HECK out of me. So DON'T DO IT!

#10. Chopped

First off the Chopping block is the intense cooking game show, Chopped! Debuting on March 6, 2011, Chopped is a competition for 5 million dollars, cooks from around the world compete to prove themselves. They usually have rational ingredients, but every now and then, they throw in a "Cooked Rat Face" or a "Candied Liver" to spice things up. One thing I REALLY like is the contestants, seeing how stupid, smart, big, small, or stereotypical they are.

#9. In Living Color

Hey, uh, have you ever heard of a someone named, oh, I don't know, JIM CARREY? There once was a time when he was a no-name. This show changed that. First airing on April 15, 1990, In Living Color was a sketch comedy show that starred Jim Carrey, Keenen Ivory Wayans, David Alan Grier, and Damon Wayans. It was popular for sketches like Fire Marshall Bill, Homie D. Clown, and Star Trek Parodies. I not only love this show, but it has changed my life. My grandmother, who we call Happy, often times says "Happy don't play that", which is only a slight change from In Living Color's "Homie don't play that." Whenever I hear a terrible joke, I mimic Fire Marshall Bill, going "Ha! Hahahahahaha!" (Watch the video below and you'll see what I mean

#8. Bar Rescue

Debuting on July 17, 2011, the show follows Jon Taffer as he finds bars that have become unsuccessful in their business, fixes up their employees, re-designs their bar, and makes them a hit. Jon is a no-nonsense, Type-A man, who uses a lot of crazy eyes, and yells so much, it's a wonder he still has a voice. Making sure he gets straight and to the point, even the most unruly of workers are disciplined like children. Amazingly, he's only ever walked out of a rescue once, after having to break up a fight (below), and seeing a tape of the owner beating up a staff member. He explodes on screen, and is an impatient and patient man at the same time.

#7. The Amazing World of Gumball

Remember that one dream with the talking cats and rabbits? Yeah, well Cartoon Network made it into a show. First debuting on May 3, 2011, The Amazing World of Gumball revolves around five main characters. Gumball, a cat who represents a typical boy. Darwin, a fish with legs (Get the evolution reference?) who is brother and best friend of Gumball. Aniase, a genius four-year-old Rabbit who is sister to Gumball and Darwin. Richard, the middle-aged, fat, lazy, jobless, unsuccessful father to Gumball, Darwin and Aniase. Then there's Nicole. She's a strict, hardworking mother, providing everything for her family, and also enforcing the law in the household. Some great episodes include "The Game", "The DVD", "The Curse", and "The Bumpkin" (Shown below)

#6. The Big Bang Theory

It all started with the big bang. Debuting in September 22, 2014, The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom revolving around 5 main people; Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz, Raj Koothrappali, and Penny. Raj, Sheldon, Howard, and Leonard are all geniuses physicists, who have had lots of awkward encounters with Penny, their neighbor. Here's some of the best Sheldon moments:

#5. X-Men

NETFLIX! WHY DID YOU TAKE THIS SHOW OUT! First airing on Halloween of 1992, X-Men is a superhero cartoon based around Professor Xavier's school for "mutants", which are genetically evolved humans with very special abilities. There's Wolverine, who can grow metal claws out of his fists, there's Cyclops, who can shoot lasers out of his eyes, and there's Professor X, who can read and control any organism's mind. They have to continue their quest to stop Magneto's Legion of Evil Mutants, who are bent on destruction of humans. Meanwhile, in acts of racism, the very humans that the X-men are to save, create "Sentinels", who's only purpose is destroy all mutants. They have to defeat the Sentinels, without injuring any humans. It is a very complex story line, with many twists and turns, and I love it.

#4. Batman

What show is brave enough to blend comedy, action, and adventure together all into one? What show is famous for it's quote "Window Cameos"? What show has seen Bruce Lee fighting Burt Ward? Why Batman, of course! Love it or hate it, Batman is the oldest show on the list, debuting on January 12, 1966. It follows Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) as they defend Gotham from it's most diabolical villains. Some of the best episodes include "The Joker's Last Laugh/The Joker's Epitaph", "A Piece of Action/Batman's Satisfaction", and "Hi Diddle Riddle/Smack in the Middle" (Shown below)

#3. Marvel's Daredevil

Debuting April 10th, 2015, Marvel's Daredevil is a Crime/Drama/Action/Superhero show designed for Netflix that follows Matt Murdock, a defense lawyer by day, and a secret crime-fighter by night. To be completely honest with you, I'm only three episodes in, and I'm already HOOKED. I've been watching Batman and X-men for a VERY long time, and it STILL doesn't beat out Daredevil. Anyways, back on track. Episodes include "Into the Ring", "Rabbit in a Snowstorm", and "Cut Man" (Clip shown below)

#2. Regular Show

It's anything but. Debuting in 2010, Regular Show follows Mordecai, a Blue Jay, and Rigby, a Raccoon who are best buds at the workplace, where they have to avoid being fired by their Gumball Machine boss named Benson, getting beaten up by a gross, slob, redneck named Muscle Man, and getting lost in space and time by the occasional black hole. Each episode starts off like a normal day, and then turns totally ballistic in only 11 minutes an episode. Some prime examples of this include episodes like "This is My Jam", "Really Real Wrestling" , "Death Punchies", "More Smarter", "A Bunch of Baby Ducks", and their pilot episode, "The Power". (Shown below)

#1. Gotham

Ever wonder how Commissioner Gordon came to such a high point in his career? Ever wonder about the traumatizing events that took place after Bruce's parents' death? Ever wonder how Gotham got so corrupt and overrun that it needed saving in the first place? Say hello to Gotham, the answer to all your questions. First airing on September 22, 2014, Gotham is a very darkly-toned prequel to Batman's story. The show mainly follows 4 people. It follows Detective Gordon, in his quest to bring Gotham out of the dumps. Bruce Wayne, in his quest to find out why his parent were murdered. Oswald Cobblepot, in his quest to gain power in the Gotham crime scheme. And finally, Selina Kyle, in her quest to keep herself alive, while stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. The show not only has these recurring stories, but with each new episode, a new evil is introduced. And that is why it's my favorite show. Each episode I an hour long, so here's a tiny little slice of the awesomeness.