My Undying Love

As the night grew deeper

I can't help but remember

The day when my love was created

And to whom my undying love was surrendered

I always wish you are by my side

And holding my hand very tight

So even if the world collides

There is no reason for me to fright

Months went by and by

Days are shorter, seems there's a near goodbye

But my love for you will never fly

Even if i need to cry

Even if you love someone

Even if I am not the one

Just always remember

I'm always here waiting to be remembered

Just want to say thank you

Thanks for being my inspiration

Even if you don't appreciate my affection

I will always have this crazy emotion

I will miss your sweet smile

That makes me fine for a while

Though I know destiny will separate us a great mile

My undying love is just for you until the day I die