Hernan Cortes

The founder of mexico today

His young life

Hernan cortes was born in Medellin spain in 1485. Later on in his life he left spain for fortune in the world and helped advance spain's position in north america.  He also served in the notary for several years. Herna joined the exploration to cuba which lead him to explore Mexico.

  this picture shows hernan cortes sea rout to cuba and mexico

Hernans greatest Achievment

Hernans greatest achievement was conquering the aztec empire. It all started when cortes was to command his own expedition to mexico with more than 500 men.and 11 ships . when he reached mexico he became alleys with the natives. when cortes reached the capitol city he captured the king and his soldiers raided the city. Cortés left the city after learning that Spanish troops were coming to arrest him for disobeying orders.After facing off against Spanish forces, Cortes returned to Tenochtitlan to find a rebellion in progress. The Aztecs eventually drove the Spanish from the city, but Cortés returned again to defeat them and take the city in 1521.

cortes influence in the world

cotes influence in the world is spreading the language of spanish in mexico and christianity through the world.  

above is the mexican anthem