Why do you feel that some websites are good?

I believe that some website were better than others because of many different factors. To start of I do not like websites that are very simple for example websites that have square boxes and small writing with a bad quality picture in the middle that is something that I can not get over about. I prefer to have everything laid out than have a small box with an extensive amount of subtopics in it which don't even relate it just makes it harder to find sometimes most of the time they do help depending on the website. Some have an overwhelming amount of color while others lac a background quality pictures and color.

Do others agree with your opinion?

Others agree that as there are good websites there are also others which are not so good. Some of the websites which I visited were not all that great and I did get the upper hand on suggesting that they were too basic and the organization was overwhelming due to the fact that most information was put in a category. Apart with being basic some of the websites contents did not have much information and that was something everyone agreed on.

Does anyone disagree?

What good is does it make if someone never disagrees. When a person disagrees I feel that it is partially something negative but at the same time it opens your eyes into a different perspective of things. Many people disagree everyday on deciding if they like a picture or the way a certain thing looks like. When viewing the organization and design of the website there were some disagreements because some people taught that some websites were better simple sice everything was accessible and it didn't take your attention way to anything else other than what you were looking for. Others taught that in organization it was better to view websites with categories and a list of topics under each. Once again every person has their own mentality and the way at looking at things but the point is that there is a point of agreement and that is where a neutral website should land depending on the audience and the purpose of the school company etc.

Who is the target audience for a particular site?

Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the websites that I visited. I did not think it was the best website personally but I did think it was a fun decent. This website was farm themed and it is a website for a store. The targeted audience in this particular cite were to all people who practice or are  looking forward into healthy living, family moms, young adults, older folks (etc.). I could conclude that this was the targeted audience because of the web design the theme though out the website is country farming, produce, outdoors. The colors are monotone to make an appeal on many people not just a specific gender  .


How might website quality be judged differently across different audiences?

Everyone has a mind of their own and you cant tell someone to like something and they can't tell you what to like or dislike. Webdesign is a combination of art and media in my point of view. Web designers have to use their artistic mind for color decide on color pallets, organization,content, features, the text and more they have to put this all together and have to make it attractive to the public audience. Lets take for example a teenage clothing store the layout of the website will most likely not fascinate a middle aged man. I t all depends on the person there can still be websites which are not good quality because the person notices when more information is needed, when things are organized and if he cant or can no read it.

Are there some qualities of websites that all audiences would agree are good? What are these qualities?

Even though all people have different perspective of things there is that time where they agree  when there is stability between the two. Some qualities of websites that all audience would agree are good is organization, legibility and the eye catching factor. A monotone color pallet would be basic but with a few details a website can be very attractive yet simple.

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