My Feelings- Hailey Unangst

This is a Tackk about my feelings.

Going to a hockey game for the Carolina Hurricanes always make me happy.

Hanging out with my friends always make me laugh. We will sit and laugh at the smallest thing.

Watching a funny or good movie makes me feel good.

Helping some take out the trash or helping them clean up trash around the neighborhood always makes me feel helpful.

Mondays always make me feel sad because i know that we have to go back to school after a awesome weekend.

Whenever i'm not paying attention and my friends scares me i get really scared and also when ever you fall and get hurt you get more scared that how bad you are hurt.

Having a awesome family and food on our table makes me feel thankful and also helping out the homeless or helping my dad out around the house.

What makes me feel important is when a teacher calls on me because a lot of my teachers don't usually call on me when i raise my hand.

What sometimes makes me angry is when my friends ignore me and don't want to talk to me even though it was my fault i get mad at myself.

When i go fishing my dad usually tells me have patience and you will catch a fish that makes me have hope that i will catch a fish.

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