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Ms. Berrisford, Exodus, Social Issues

The most prominent social issue in this novel is discrimination. Discrimination is common not only to the people of New Mungo, but also to the Treenesters of the under-city. The Treenesters are a clan of people whom have been living beneath the city of New Mungo since it's creation. Their leader, Candleriggs, talks to Mara about how the New World has walled itself in and sees outsiders as less than human. This is apparent seeing as they shoot on sight and capture people for slavery. The Treenesters have only survived as long as they have because the are skilled at hiding far above the "Police" in the tops of trees that have sprung up within the walls. Even with their hatred of the prejudices of the New World the Treenesters are quite hypocritical. The Treenesters refer to the young savages who live in and outside the walls as "Ratbashers". They refer to them as vermin and have even "considered culling them" according to one character. Personally, I find it greatly disturbing that the Treenesters are able to pick and choose who is worthy of the title human, even though they have been wronged in the same way be the people of the New World they continue to look down upon others from their mighty pedestal. Although  have never experienced this, I believe that I can safely say that people will enforce morality so long as it suits their cause.

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