Environmental Engineering

Paulina Garduno

What environmental engineers do-Environmental engineers work on trying to help their citizens by making new inventions like more effective recycling systems, and making sure that they are not damaging to the environment. They also work on trying to clean the environment from pollution or other problems that may have happened in the past, to make it a better future.

Projects environmental engineers complete-Some projects environmental engineers would complete are projects like designing the structure for rooftop gardens to help reduce the buildings heating and cooling cost. Or they spend time looking for ways to clean our oceans, rivers but most importantly our drinking water.

Why I believe environmental engineering is the most interesting-I think environmental engineering is the most interesting because I think it's very cool how they reuse a lot of old things to make something completely new. My favorite thing environmental engineers have created are the windmills. I think that was a really really smart idea, and it definitely helps the environment.

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