~ Energy ~

Transferring & Transforming

Energy is the capacity to do work . Energy exists in many different forms such as, heat, kinetic, mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical and other forms. Work is measured in joules .

Energy is transferred from one object to another when a reaction takes place. Energy comes in many forms ...
Energy Comes In Many Different Forms ... ^
Electrical To Mechanical . Battery is Electrical & Fan is Mechanical .
Chemical To Light. The Energy in the Battery is stored as Chemical Energy . Chemical Energy flow through the Wire & Lights the Bulb .
Heat To Electricity . Heat From The Pot Flows Electricity To The Phone For It To Charge .
Nuclear To Heat .
Mechanical To Sound . Sound waves travel to any instrument .
Sound to Electrical Energy . Microphone .
Light to Electrical Energy . Solar Panels are Powered by the light of the Sun which bring Electricity to the House .
Electrical To Light Energy . The Light Bulb . ^
Heat to Mechanical Energy . Steam Engine . Train (Mechanical) is Powered by burning coal (Heat) .

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