Final Entertainment Project

By:James Green 3rd hour

Movie Poster Evaluation For...

This movie poster is very simple, that also gives a hint of what the movie is about but it does not spoil the whole movie. The picture suggests that it is a comedy because you have a teddy bear holding a bottle of beer, and the Teddy Bear and his owner are both laughing at something, we just don't know what. The poster has a very good attention getter with the bear and his owner laughing and drinking beer, seriously when are you ever going to see a Teddy Bear drinking beer with his best friend. Another reason the poster grabs my attention is that a lot of people including myself has had a Teddy Bear or some other stuffed animal that was their "best friend" at the time, and I think that a lot of people can relate to the picture from their childhood. How this poster shows what the movie is about is that with the Bear and the Person both laughing they must obviously be good friends, and judging from how dirty the house is the bear and the person must know each other very well. It also shows that the movie might be funny because at the top of the poster it says the "From the creator of Family Guy", for those of you who don't know Family Guy is a funny show and it would be silly to have a creator of a comedy to direct a serious film. How this poster makes me want to see this movie is that I really like funny movies, and from all that I see in this poster it really suggests that it will be funny and very entertaining, I am sure a lot of people can relate to me as everyone likes to be entertained, in some way. How other people would want to see the movie is that both of the characters are laughing at something, but what? If the audience really wants to find out then they have to go see the movie and maybe have a laugh watching it. Another thing that makes people want to see the movie is that from what I said earlier about the creator of Family Guy making the movie, is that family guy is a very popular show for people and having Family Guy's creator make the movie, that popularity from Family Guy would carry over into the movie as fans of Family Guy would want to go see the movie. So overall I think that this movie will be very effective in advertising the movie to the audience.

Movie Trailer Evaluation for...

I think that this is a pretty good all-around movie trailer, but I also see a couple of issues with it also. I am going to start off with what they did well in the trailer, they did a good job of showing the climax of the movie when the volcano erupts, but they did not show too much to spoil the movie. They also showed the general feel of the movie with it being very serious and I did not see a lot of humor or anyone being real "laid back". Another thing they did well was they showed the plot pretty well, I can immediatly say that the movie is about a Gladiator who is fighting in Pompeii and how the eruption of the volcano affects him and the other people involved. There is also a little bit of a love story in the movie. What they did that I didn't think was bad, but I don't see it often they showed quite a few scenes outside of the first 1/3 or 1/4 of the movie. Here is a few of negatives that I saw with the trailer. Sometimes I thought that they revealed the plot little too much, and I kind of know now what is going to happen in the movie. I think they could have done a little better job of incorporating a little more suspense in the trailer, by taking away a few of the people running from the volcano scenes. Another thing I think is they could have shown a little more of the sub-plot lines and a little less of the big plot line so that the people will have a easier time keeping up with all of the plots, not some of them. But watching this movie trailer it makes me want to see the movie and I does a good job all around with everything, just a couple small problems. So, all around I think that this is a good movie trailer and will attract a large amount of people to the movie.

Artifact Essay, and Problems with Major Record Labels

My reaction to the movie artifact is I thought, How? What I mean by how is how can major record label get away with simply sucking the money right out of an artist's pocket. I think that the artists sign their life away when they sign a major record deal, sure you get your music promoted, but are you really willing to sacrifice all of the money you made off and album, and give to a record label. The artist does all of the work but makes almost nothing, often they are in debt to the record label. My idea of a fair deal is that the label will fund the making of the album. Once the album is released I would have the label take 65% of the money made and I would have the artist get 35% of the money. With the money made I would have the artist pay some of the less expensive fees, and I would have the label pay the more expensive fees, because they have more money. Why I think this will work is that the label will have enough money to operate, and the artist will make enough to continue to work with the record label. What surprises me also is that artists still continue to sign with labels regardless of how unfair they are. I can only think of one really big reason that people still sign with them is that they get there music promoted, and your name gets out there in the music world. I do think that many new artists are somewhat aware of the unfairness, but the prospect of getting famous, and getting there music promoted is just too much for the artists so they often overlook it. They also are drawn to the 250,000 dollars given to the artists to make the album. When watching the movie I think the real defining issue is 30 Seconds to Mars is they are trying to fight back for what they believe in and the record company is just denying them. I think the movie is trying to make other artists aware of the problems going on with record companies. I also think that they are trying reach the general public so they are more aware of the problems with record labels.Of all of the people that can put a stop to this it would be the fans, the reason I say this is when I don't like the music I just stop listening. So if the fans stop listening and buying their album then the labels will be forced to make fair deals so they can get their audience. What I would have done if I were 30 Seconds to Mars is I would have signed the deal but I would have negotiated a shorter term deal. I would want to do this because I would not be in as much debt as I would with a long term deal, and yet my music would still get promoted. Hopefully at the end of the contract my music would be well known, and then I would sign with an independent label, and then using the popularity gained from using the major label, I would work my way out of debt for the major label. I do not pay much attention to the record business but I think what they are doing is wrong and something needs to be done to give the artists a fair shake over their record deals.

What I would do to enhance an Amusement Park?

I really like to go to amusement parks, but I also have some complaints about them. The complaints I have is that you get very tired walking around in amusement parks and it is very crowded so you always have to weave in and around people. Another problem that I see is that the lines on the rides are almost always long, and sometimes I think that I spend more time waiting in line than actually doing stuff. What I also see is that there are not a ton of places to sit or not a lot of good views at and amusement park. People also don't really like the prices too much, and if you are traveling out of town then the travel is pretty expensive. My solutions to the problems are pretty easy to say but kind of hard to do. My solution for the overcrowding is that I would make the amusement take up a larger area of land and I would make the walkways wider so people can have a little bit of space when they are walking. I would also offer some special deals on transportation throughout the park, like having bike rentals, stroller rental, and if you are willing to spend a little more money a golf cart rentals. How I would handle the problem with the long lines is for the popular rides I would make more than one of the same but in different areas of the amusement park so the wait isn't as long, and so people don't have to walk all across the park weaving in and out people just to get to their favorite ride. I would also have some hotels and other lodging options for the people who are traveling from out of town. I would also at the hotels I would add some water parks for the people to have some enjoyment away from the amusement park, I also think that it will help people stay longer and go to the park more often. One thing I noticed is that at parks there are not a lot of tables for the people to eat at, amusement parks are based on people constantly moving and checking things out. So where are they going to go when they just want to sit down, and to enjoy their snack or drink. So at select areas of the park I would add a bunch of tables for the people to eat at. Since the concessions stands at the park are more meant for eating on-the-go, I would add a few sit down restaurants for the people at the park who have some time to kill, and just want to relax and enjoy a good meal. Another thing that people would complain about is travel prices if they travel from another state. How I would fix this is I would have special benefits for returning visitors, and I would offer things like you get free shuttle to the park if you stay at one of the parks hotel, just a bunch of small discount but if the consumer takes advantage of them they will really save some money during their visit. I think that these strategies will work and will lead to less complaints about my amusement park, but the one problem I have is that they are very expensive to make and to set up, but I think that the investments will be well worth is over time.

What do Artist's need to remember when working with Labels.

I feel very bad for artists that fall under the spell of a record label. They are just drawn to the sheer prospect of getting their music promoted, and that they might become famous. Usually, all of that hard work that the artist puts into making the music goes for nothing because the record label just sucks the money that they made right out of their pocket. Personally I really, really, hate it when you work hard to do something and it just goes for nothing it just leaves a very bad feeling inside of you. I really don't want any other artists to get screwed over to the labels. What the artists need to remember is why are doing what they are doing, and using that they need to decide whether signing is worth it. If the artists are going to sign the label then they must look very close at the contract so they can break it down and to really make sure that they are getting a fair deal with the label. They have to really try to find out what they are really in for whether its good or bad, so they will be able to prepare for the different circumstances. But signing the deal is not their only option. The artist need to be aware of other options like Social Media, and Independent Labels. Some social media options are sites like Band Camp and Sound Cloud. What these sites do is it basically allows the artist to share their music online with other artists and fans, they also get feedback from the fans and artist on whether their music is good. The main difference between Band Camp and Sound Cloud is that on Band Camp you can actually SELL your music through Band Camp to artists and fans. Allowing artists to sell their music online is what I think will but a stop to all of those unfair deals with the big labels, not to mention that you can set your own prices, buy other artists music, and to explore and discover new music. Another option other than social media is to go with independent record labels. The labels are often made of former artists who have been cheated by the labels so they will more often than not give a fair deal. The downside with the independent labels is that you do not have as much money as the big labels so your music does not get as promoted as much as you would signing with a big label. But, if the former artist who runs the label was very popular in their hay-day then you get some free promotion from your artist just by signing with them and you often get a fair deal. In my opinion if the artist is going to sign with a big label they must consider all of the other options, and they must look very closely at the contract to see if they are getting a fair deal, or they are getting cheated by the label.

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