~Elise Murphy~

Integrity is doing the right thing at all times no matter the situation. An individual with integrity must be strong enough to do whatever needs to be done no matter if the outcome will be good or bad. Having integrity also means you are honest and have strong moral principles for yourself and those around you.

Herb Brooks: Herb Brooks, the coach of the United States 1980 Olympic hockey team portrays integrity in a strong approach. He shows his integrity by not giving up on his team. Even though Brooks was considered an "underdog",  he brought together the groups of guys in which he had faith would defeat the Soviet Union's challenging team. Brook's leadership with bringing the team to the final game shows that he had lots of integrity because he never gave up hope on the team and trained them to be the best they could be, throughout painful practices and inspirational speeches. The outcome of his coaching is still seen today in the movie "Miracle", in which shows his team from tryouts to the championship game and the time he put in for his team. Herb Brooks is a true leader and portrays integrity within himself, his team, and his country, The United States of America.

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