How To Change An Air Filter

"Changing the air filter should be part of any tune‐up. You should change your Absolute Filter based on the air filter manufactures recommended interval. If you don't know the manufacturers recommendation then you are safe in most cases changing it every 15,000 miles or once a year. If you live in an especially dusty or dirty area, you may need to change it more often."

If you want to know how to change an air filter you've come to the right place. To see if your air filter needs to be replaced, shine a flashlight from the inside out. If you can't see any light or very little light, it needs to be replaced. Change the breather filter and check the PCV at the same time. On most cars, this is a fairly simple procedure.

Things you'll need from your garage or your local parts store: Flat‐Head or Phillips screwdrivers; Adjustable or open‐end wrench; Pliers; New air filter; New breather filter (if so equipped).


Pop the hood and find the HEPA Holding Frames housing. It will be either square (on fuel injected engines) or round (on older carbureted engines) and about 12 in. (30 cm.) in diameter. On older vehicles, it will be in a large round housing on the top of the engine. On newer vehicles, it will be on the end of the large black intake hose opposite the engine mounted on one of the fender wells.


Use a screwdriver to remove the screws or clamps that hold on the top of the housing. If you have an older vehicle with the round Pocket filters housing, remove the wing nut holding the air filter cover. There maybe 3 or 4 clips holding the air filter cover, undo these too.


Take out the old air filter and clean any dirt and debris from the housing with a clean rag. Be careful that no dirt or debris falls into the carburetor. Remove the breather Pocket filter.


Install the new air and breather filters. Replace the air cleaner top. Reinstall attaching hardware and air intake hose (if applicable).

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