Endangered animals


endangered polar bears
map with the animals and where they live

Since the dawn of life,species have appeared and later vanished.Some flourished for millions of years.Others exist for "mere" centuries.This coming and going is natural.Natural changes in global environment usually occur slowly.They may favor some species over others.All  species experience slow shifts in their fortunes.    

Endangered species

A habitat supplies an organism with basic needs such as soil,food,water,and shelter.Habitat range

Habitat Destructiotion

Tigers lost there home cause of habitat destruction

Hunting and trading

In the early 1800s, 2 billion pigeons flew over North America.Hunters slaughtered  them for sport and for food. The last one died in a zoo in 1914. Whalers in 1800s drove several species to near extinction for their oil and blubber.  

dead cougar