Mesopotamian language was the first ever writen language it helped them list, keep wricords, etc. It also helps archaeologists know what it looked like and what they did without it they have ideas. Imagine living without language chaotic write.

This video tells you all about ancient Mesopotamia including money, inventions stories and so much  more oh and this video has links check those out.

Listen to this rap its cool it will tell you all the basics of ancient Mesopotamia.

This is a cool old map it shows you all the places in ancient mesopotamia did you know state was a huge city?

This is a impressing picture of Mesopotamian art this was comin in temples and important locations and posibly the gates of the entrance.

This is ancient Mesopotamian music they didnt normally sing when they did music.

This is a mans clothing in Mesopotamia the cloths are made out of cloth and the shoes are made out of leather.

This a majestic Ziggurat witch was made out of mud bricks. You can learn about mud bricks below.

This an old Mesopotamian wheels.

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