The Community of Pilsen
by: Jones, Xavier

Xavier Jones                                                                                             December 11, 2014

After the 18th blaze at the McCormick Reaper Group lumber mills, garment finishing sweatshops. Railroad jobs detined the community. The making of unskilled occupations.

Lumber shover attacks in 1875-1876 thought a railroad in 1877. The 22nd U.S. Infantry marched in Pilsen in July to put down killing. Pilsen workers also in strikes that were at the Haymarket.

During the first world war work shortages in area industries increased over twenty-four immigrant groups to settle in Pilsen. With most highest number of Mexicans. For liberal immigration law, plus the demanded removal of Mexicans. Mexican immigrants became prodominant in the 1950's and 1960's.

The returning to Eastern European to Mexican citizens, shows continues especially of hard laboring organization. Rubin J. Torres's community based newspaper the Crown supported youth activities. The Pilsen Neighbors Council also add diligent society functions. Applied the community organizing tactics of Saul Alinsky.