Distance from earth: 25 light years

Color: White/Blue

Approximate size: 1.92 times the Sun

Temperature: 8,590 K

Characteristics: Fomalhaut is a class A main sequence star that is approximately 25 light years away from earth. It is the 18th brightest star visible from earth and is the most visible star in the constellation Pisces Austrinus. Original estimations to its age where between 100 and 300 million with its total lifespan reaching up to 1 billion years which is rather short, however a more recent study places the estimation around the 400 million year mark. The temperature of the star reaches around 8,590 Kelvin and is significantly hotter than our sun. With the naked eye the star appears to emit a white and blue hue.

Fomalhaut is a special star as it was the first star to have found a potential extrasolar candidate orbiting it. This would later on be disputed as to whether what is now Fomalhaut b is actually a planet or simply rubble. Fomalhaut has a circumstellar disk or debris disk surrounding it which can be traced using infrared lighting and photos. It was when making observations here that they discovered a second star nearby and claimed it was part of the Fomalhaut star system making it a binary star system. This would again later be changed to include a third star making it the furthest tri-star system we have discovered. It has also been named as a star belonging to the Castor Moving Group which is an association of 16 stars that share similar movements in space, other notable examples are Castor and Vega.

By: Chris Matamoros

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