Fresh and Healthy Vending Machines @ Saddle Ridge.

Bryanna Middleton.

(1) How many machines should we have? Why did you choose that number of machines?

I think there should be 3. Because there can be two for the hall up stairs, and in front of the gym.

(2) What kinds of healthy snacks would you like to see in your vending machine(s)? Why did you select these snacks?

Clif Bars, Kind, Pirate's Booty, Zevia, Pop Chips. Because most of the kids would want these.

(3) What should these snacks cost? Why did you select these prices?

I think the chips should be a dollar and the candy bars $0.75 cents, and the drinks $1.25.Because the kids would want to save money so they would go with the cheap ones like the healthy candy bars.

(4) Where should the machine(s) be located? Why did you select these locations?

One should be where the eighth grade and seventh graders are. and the other where the six graders are, and last where the gym is. Because that is where most of the kids are.

(5) When should students be able to use the machine(s)? Why did you select these times of day?

During lunch, during class change, and at the end of school. Because it's when kids want ask to get out of class to go get snacks and waste time.

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