North Bay, Ontario, Canada

            North Bay, Ontario, is a beautiful place. It's full of nice people, good schools, and plenty of wonderful views! Join us on a trip through paradise!

Horseshoe Falls

What is North Bay like?

     Abby Wilcox

        There are lots of factories and mills in Ontario that give it the nickname Manufacturing Heartland of Canada. Most industries are in the warmer parts of Ontario, near Lake Nipissing. Although Ontario has many companies already, the population is large, which means you can have a lot of customers! Roughly ⅓ of Canada’s population lives in Ontario. About 95% of Ontario’s population lives in North Bay. North Bay is not as bone chilling cold as you might have thought. A fall week's forecast might include 17 degrees one day and 47 another day. The weather varies plenty. The landscape varies from rural to urban. The nature is elaborate in every season. During the fall, the trees are lit up with all sorts of colors. In summer, everything is a luscious green. In winter, the land is covered with a blanket of white snow and frost. In spring, everything is coated with wildlife and flowers. For the workers, there are several schools in North Bay. The workers will be able to get food, take their children to school, take their children to sports, and so much more! There is even a movie theater, called Galaxy Cinemas. Ontario is a wonderful place. North Bay is unique and exquisite. Ontario has its own personality, and is one of the most populated province or territory in Canada. Many people go to Ontario for visiting parts of the Niagara Falls like Horseshoe Falls. There is also a very scenic drive around Lake Superior.

Government and Education

James Bostic

The Education system of Ontario comprises public and primary and secondary schools and post-secondary institutions. By right of the constitution of Canada, Roman Catholics are entitled to their own school system. As a result, Ontario’s school boards are divided between four separate publicly funded school systems: 31 English public 29 English catholic, 4 french public, and 8 French Catholic, Post-secondary education in Ontario consists of 20 public universities, 24 public colleges and over 400 registered private career colleges. In Ontario, education falls under provincial jurisdiction. Publicly funded elementary and secondary schools are administered by the Ontario Ministry of Education, while colleges and universities are administered by the Ontario Ministry of training, Colleges and Universities. The current Minister of Education is Liz Sandals, and the current minister of Training, Colleges and Universities is Brad Duguid. In modern Canadian use, the term "government" refers broadly to the cabinet of the day, selected from members the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and to the non-political civil service staff within each provincial department or agency. The civil service that manages and delivers government policies, programs, and services is called the Ontario Public Service.The province of Ontario is governed by a unicameral legislature, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, which operates in the Westminster system of government. The political party that wins the largest number of seats in the legislature normally forms the government, and the party's leader becomes premier of the province, i.e., the head of government.Due to the location of the Ontario Legislature on the grounds of Queen's Park, the Ontario government is frequently referred to by the Metonym "Queen's Park".Ontario is located in both the northern and western hemispheres. Specifically positioned in east-central Canada, a part of North America, Ontario is bordered by the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Quebec, the U.S. States of Minnesota,Michigan and New York, and by Hudson Bay, James Bay, and four of the Great Lakes.

Economics, Recreation, and Tourism

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In North Bay there's tons to do from shopping, to canoeing, to enjoying a concert. In the winter you can enjoy an exciting trip to Laurentian Ski Hill, with a 350 foot vertical in the heart of the city. Also if you're looking for a more sightseeing kind of trip then go along the groomed snow shoeing trails and the hiking trails along the escarpment. Also for the adventure seeker, take a ride in style and see the land by ATV or snowmobile. During the summer, walk,run,bike,or roller blade the Kate Pace Way located along the North Bay waterfront park. When you visit there, you can take in gorgeous sunsets overlooking  Lake Nipissing. There are hundreds of kilometers of multi-use trails also available. North Bay is located between, two freshwater lakes which provide over 40 public beach access points. If you're looking for a good time with the family, then go to The Heritage Railway and Carousel Company. Also, if you're a music fan, then enjoy concerts at the North Bay Memorial Gardens. If you are into shopping, then enjoy a day of stores galore downtown.

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canada history is the story of the peoples who have inhabited and the forces that have shaped one of vastest countries in the world most experts believe the first people to live in what is now canada came from Asia at least 15,000 years ago. They arrived by way of a land bridge that once connected Asia and north America at what is .Ontario is the center of the Canadian steel industry. Plants in the Hamilton area produce about half the nations steel. Hamiltons locaion on Hamilton Harbour on the west end of Lake ontario makes the city an important link.

Extra Information

The absolute location of North Bay is 7000° N, 79.4000° W

The relative location of Ontario is in between Manitoba and Quebec.

The capital of Ontario is Toronto.


White Trillium drawn on Paint by Abby Wilcox.
Canada's Flag drawn on Paint by Abby Wilcox


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