By: Avery Johns & Joey Schoendorf

The Kenyi African Chichlid

Maximum size: 6 inches

Water temperature: 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit

Tank Setup: 29+ gallons plus rock and drift wood.

Will not get along with the cichlid family.

Will eat other fish smaller then itself.

Peaceful with fish the same size, also gets along with fish that shares the same water temperature.

Comfortable with rocks, clay pots, and driftwood.  

The spotted African Leaf Fish

Maximum size: 6 inches

Water temperature: 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit

Swimming level: Middle

Experience level: Intermediate

Tank Setup: 29+ gallons, lightly planted, prefers aquarium salt added to tank

The fish tank we chose is a medium sized tank and its perfect for the Kenyi African Cichlid and the Spotted African Leaf Fish.The tank can hold 46.9 gallons of water and its volume is 10,800 square inches. The dimensions are 36 inches by 15 inches by 20 inches.

we will need 14 bags of gravel and it needs to be 2 inches deep to look perfect the total volume is 1,080 for the gravel.

the first decoration is the cherry blossom tree which only cost 14.99$. we can put two of these in the tank.

the second decoration is the slate rock which cost 25.99$. we will only put one in the aquarium.

the last decoration is the greenery driftwood which is only 34.99$. we will only be putting one of these in the aquarium.

medium sized fish tank: 225$

heater: 30$

fluorescent top: 50$

greenery driftwood: 35$

2 cherry blossom plants: 30$

slate rock: 25$

14 bags of gravel: 60$

African Spotted Leaf Fish: 30$

African cichlid: 30$


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