My Family

Our Relationship, Luis Angel English 3 OL-37

This is my family, Have two sons, Sebastian and Fabrizio and one daughter Lucero, my wife Catty, they are the most important persons in my life, and my parents too.

Sebastian and Fabrizio are good friend and brother, even though they did used to fight and compete for our attention (parent´s attention); they would practice many sports like to cycle, basketball, and football at the vacation school.

Fabrizio used to play video games with your brother and friends, he is the younger son, he likes play guitarr, and math curse in school. Sebastian is the most talented boy, he´s an artist with ceramic, really he transforms anything into art, The creative of the family, both are very dynamics and kindly.

Lucero is my little princess, she is a pretty study of Odontology, she used to shy little girl in the school, now she is best student at the university. Lucero is pretty sweet with your brothers and she helps your mom frequently.

And my wife is the best partner of my life. She shares with me the best and worst moments of our lives. Together we have gone ahead in difficult situations.

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