Immigration and it's influence on race

Immigration policy and laws has influenced race in America by selecting certain races that the policies and laws effect. Most policies are created to effect a certain group of minorities. A majority of the immigration laws are aimed towards Mexican Americans. A majority of the media focuses on Mexico and the border crossings of illegal immigrants. Making them seem to all be criminals who are smuggling drugs. Most are forced to and have no other option if they want to try and make a life for themselves. Most don't make it and when they do make it they come into a country that doesn't want them there and create policies and laws that prohibit them from becoming successful.


American immigration of the 19th and 20th century are similar to immigration today by accepting certain groups of immigrants and not accepting others. Different immigrants in the past was were discriminated against including Irish, Japanese and Chinese immigrants. Certain laws were passed that prevented them from being able to find jobs or even not being allowed into the country. Today most of the focus is on the Mexican border and a lot of people are not accepting of Mexican immigrants.

American immigration of the 19th and 20th century are different to immigration today because of the political and media influence we have today. There was some political influence in the 19th and 20th century but it is more prevalent today. The media is able to influence people a lot more now and have political agendas that they are willing to expose human beings and create them all to be criminals. This creates a stereotype that all people from a certain country are here illegally and are all criminals. Most just want to make a better life for themselves.

Race, racism, the media and politics help frame the way we discuss immigration today in American by influencing people to think a certain way about a certain group of people. The media and politics create a stereotypes and this causes people to think that every person is a criminal, they smuggle drugs and are here to live off the government. Most people come here to make a better lives for themselves and work hard to make a living without breaking the law. The media and politics cause race and racism to happen because they make it seem that everyone is the same. When people are only exposed to the media and don't know any different they automatically assume that everyone is the same.

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