Snow Day

Good night

I spent most of my snow day sleeping. When i woke up i made something for me to eat then fell asleep. i woke back up at around 12 or 1 started watching a movie with my older sister then i fall asleep again watching the movie. Woke up was on the phone with my boyfriend for a lilttle . Made plans 2 go out so we got off the phone. Then i watched a diffrent movie. After the movie i washed the dishes. After i washed the dishes i called him back. Then when we got off the phone i got in the shower did my hair and got dressed. When i was ready to leave i opened the door got half way out the door then my mom called me back in the house and told me i cant go out it to cold. So i when up stairs and got undress. When back down stairs ate and watched TV. After that me and my sister played UNO. We played that a few times i won. And we watched the movie Left Behind and some other movies. Then after that i went up stairs and went to sleep.

#caatech #xroadsDITL2015