The World and Technology

The global impact that technology is making on the country

Technology is making it a lot easier for us. We no longer have to do everything by hand and the machines are making things for us.

Changes occurring in businesses that are a result of changing technology

Businesses now need less workers because some of the machines are taking over our jobs. This is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, we need jobs but the machines are making stuff easier for us.

Advantages of the newer technology

They are smarter so it requires less maintenance and is less of a hassle to put up with. It is also faster so things get done more efficiently.

When you evaluate the risks and advantages, do they outweigh each other?

They do outweigh each other in some ways but in other ways not so much. They are faster and more dependent but they are also taking our jobs away from us.

The global impact on technology changing the world

Technology is for sure changing the world. It is making it easier for us to communicate with other people, even if they are halfway across the world you can send a text message and it will be there in the snap of your fingers.

Some of the changes that have happened in the past few years with regards to technology

All technology has gotten faster and more reliable over the past couple of years for example,the Iphone 4s was upgraded to the faster and more high tech Iphone 5s. Everything can do more a lot easier now the amount of memory now dosent just depend on how much memory you have on your phone but also the amount of memory you have in the cloud.

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