My Emotions

                                                             By: Tabitha Ellis

             What makes me happy

I love a caramel frappe from Mcdonalds!

              This makes me laugh

           This makes me feel good

                                                          adopting a dog

          This makes me feel helpful

                    helping my grandmother with things like helping her to the car

             This makes me feel sad

Animal cruelty is what makes me sad because they are being tortured, beat, and what other way to do that to an animal, you are supposed to love on them.

         This makes me feel scared

      This makes me feel thankful

A man dying.

This makes me feel thankful that I still have my grandparents, my sister, my parents, and the rest of my family.

     This makes me feel important

My friends makes me important because they come to me with anything.

       This makes me feel angry

What makes me mad is when people talk stuff about you behind your back.

         This makes me have hope

What makes me have hope is by chasing your dreams to become something that yo u have always wanted to be

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