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the belief systems that we learned have come from around the world and even spread to influence other countries. the belief systems we studied were animism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity, and islam.


animism was started in Africa and stayed there. it is one of the traditional belief systems. animisms main belief was worshipping sprit's of nature such as trees, animals etc. they also worshipped there ancestors showing great respect for them. some of animism or probably all of it is still practiced today. traditional communites that practice animism often demonstrate great understanding of nature, and usually show a great reverence for ancestors that have passed on the spiritual world.


Shintoism began in japan. they believed the spirits of kami exist in all things. they also thought their empire was god like. Shinto places of worship are called shrines and are usually found in beautiful natural places. there are about 80,000 shrines all over japan. the most important kami is Amateresu, the sun goddess. thanks to Shintoism they had a great respect for the natural world (especially their emperor-in the past). thanks to Shintoism they had a great respect for nature often praying for good fortune and respecting there ancestors by bringing gifts to there resting sites.


Hinduism started out in india and stayed in india. it had a sacred text called the vedas. Hinduism circles around the believe of karma. karma is a concept in Hinduism which explains causality through a system where beneficial effects are derived from past beneficial effects from past harmful actions. they also have reincarnation in Hinduism. reincarnation is when a soul dies then comes back as a different being. thanks to Hinduism, participators of Hinduism had a great respect for the natural world and there ancestors. the term "Hinduism" simply derives from the word "India" and refers to a wide variety of religious traditions and philosophies that have developed in India over thousands of years. it has been said that Hindus have a holiday for everyday of the year. Holi is the festival of colors and spring and is celebrated from February to march. and Diwali is the festival of lights and Laksmi and is celebrated from September to October. thanks to Hinduism it helped make the caste system which made india a controlled and spiritual government.


just like Hinduism, Hinduism started in India but it didn't stay there. it went to southeast Asia and china. from china it spread to Korea and Japan. Buddhism was started by a man named Buddha who thought if you stopped desiring things you can stop your suffering. Buddhism is practiced by living an easy going life. people who practice Buddhism usually meditate. meditation is used to work on one's own mind and to relax one's self. as our mind becomes more positive our actions become more constructive and were experience of life becomes more satisfying and beneficial to others. in general Buddha means "awakened one". in initial days, a Buddhist monk was not supposed to cook, he could only ask for food in alms. purpose was to spend all time in spreading awareness about Buddhism.


in Taoism there was a sacred text call the Tao te ching. Taoism began in china after the tang dynasty. Taoism is centered around the relationship of the earthly ruler and his ancestors. thanks to Taoism there was a great respect for nature and a persons ancestors along with respecting the emperor. according to the earliest Taoist text, when human nature is aligned with rest of nature, order and harmony are the results. in Taoism there is yin and yang. yin stands for female, passive negative principle in nature, the moon, shaded orientation, north or shady side of a hill and south of a river. while yang stands for positive, active, male principle in nature, south or sunny side of a hill and north of a river. thanks to Taoism the Chinese had the religion with them since forever and is still going strong today. the main religious characters in Taoism are lao tzsu and chuang tzsu, these are scholars who dedicated there lives to the balance of their inner spirits. Tao is all about listening and understanding, reflecting on the world and trying to understand it. one has to listen intently In order to reach a state of enlightenment.


Confucianism started in china just like Taoism. it had the sacred text analects and the five classics. the five classics were based on respecting your elders and country. father-son, husband-wife, emperor-subjects, friends=friends and older brother-younger brother. Confucianism strongly emphasizes mercy, social order and fulfillment of responsibilities. Confucianism is more based on the rules of society. it is believed that if you have a better education you can understand more and live a better life. kids would go to school every day to learn how to respect there elders and understand the rules of the society they live in. thanks to Confucianism the Chinese have become more intelligent and respected and followed their roles in society. September first is Confucius birth day it is also teachers day. where


Judaism started out in the middle east, but the romans came and kicked the Jews out scattering them around the world. this event was called the diaspora. Judaism is a monotheistic religion with it's foundational text the torah. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the conventional god established with the children of Israel. various branches of Judaism, as well as Jewish religious or secular communities and political movements around the world elect or appoint their governing bodies, often subdivided by country or religion. Judaism brought a respect for life, peace and harmony along with, justice and equality. a gartel is commingly worn during a prayer. the Sanhedrin was the chief court of law. it was based in the temple and consisted of 71 rabbis.


Christianity was stared in the middle east. in Christianity there was only one god. and it was believed if you follow the rules and your responsibilities god would send the messiah to guide you to heaven. Christianity quickly spread around the world and became a very popular religion to be practiced. Christianity had the holy text of the bible which had all of the testaments in it. the bible was often recited in a catholic church to pay respects to god and Jesus. thanks to Christianity there became a higher impact if education on society mostly in science and arts. there about fifty bibles sold every minute. the 12 disiples where never allowed to carry money food or extra clothes.


Islam is the youngest belief system starting in the middle east. Muslim only believed in one god. the fundamental meaning of Islam means" surrender to god." for Muslims the Quran is the most important source of knowledge about god. the Quran describes god as the creator and ruler of all things. In Islam culture there re the five pillars of faith. according to the five pillars of faith" there is no god except and Muhammad is his messenger". they have to pray five times a day. they have to fast during the blessed month of Ramadan. they have give charity to the needy. and they have to travel to mecca at least once in there life time. thanks to the Islam religion there has been and increase in education, peace and harmony. Islam has as many as 1.5 billion followers world wide. islam is a complete way of life that governs all facets of life: moral, spiritual, social, political, economical, intellectual, etc.

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