The Attack on Pearl Harbor

By: A'justice Washington

On December 7th at 6:00am a wave of Japanese war planes were sent to attack Pearl Harbor. Containing guns, bombs,and torpedoes.

* Pearl Harbor is located in Oahu, Hawaii.

* Before the attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese and the U.S. Had been edging toward war for a decade.

* Fhe Japanese had planned the attack, and their objective was to sink the Pacific Fleet.

* The plans for the attack was as early as January 1941.

* The man that constructed the surprise attack was Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.

* The plan behind the attack was to conquer most of the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

* When the attack started most of the service men were still in their pjs' or eating breakfast.

* on December 7th at 8:00am a wave of Japanese war planes attacked Pearl Harbor.

*At 8:10 10mins. after the attack began a 1,800 pound bomb exploded trapping more than 1,000 men inside.

* the Japanese sent two waves of war planes 45 min. apart.

* When the Japanese war planes were coming men could identify the planes by the "meatballs" on the sides.

* During the attack only a handful of American planes were able to get off the ground to try to fight the Japanese,but most of them shot on the ground.

* The attack ended shortly before 10:00am.

* After the attack the survivors thought that anther attack was coming so they evacuated.

* The American Forces had paid a fearful price.

* The Japanese's success was overwhelming but not complete.

* The Japanese failed to damage American aircraft carrier,which was by a stroke of luck.

* the Japanese also attacked airfields at Hickem Field,Wheeler Field,Bellows field,Ewa Field,Schoefeild Barrocks,and Kaneohe Navel Air Station.

* The Japanese used 353 planes to attack Pearl Harbor.

* 188 airplanes were destroyed and 133 damaged.

* On December 8th,the day after the attack President Roosevelt annoussed the attack to the public and millions were devastated.

* There was a conspiracy theory that FDR used the attack to sway the U.S. To enter the war.

*" Remember Pearl Harbor" became a rally cry during the war.

*The attack on Pearl harbor was 69 years ago,but we are still scared till this day.

* About 1.5 million people visit the historical place every year.

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