Learning to Teach
Day 7: Scientific Method

Today's lesson had several parts to it, and I would say was the first day where I really needed to start checking myself.

The first part of the lesson today was starting off when I ask the questions, what is a goal? I proceeded to write down the things that the students either called out or I called on them.

Now writing on the board is a bit of a fear of mine. The reason is that I am not a very good speller, not because I was lazy in school, but because I have a learning disability. Writing on the board while it can be avoided, in some other times can not. In this case I chose to write on the board. During my first period, what I feared the most happened.

It started with one word and a student called out a mistake that I had made and then told me what letter I was missing. I put in that letter, in the wrong place. The students then start to chime in now saying where it should go. I quickly moved on but inside I felt horrible. While this is something that should not keep me down, I know I will plan to do something different with a similar activity in the future.

The next part was to either in groups or individually read pages 9-11 in the textbook, and students were reading about the goals of psychology. Most classes did this with no problem and did it quietly. However, I did not plan for how to come back from this reading with a good summarizing strategy.

The next part of this lesson was to explain the scientific method. As I was thinking as I was planing on a good way to explain this with out just simply writing down the steps I looked for other ideas, and I found one. Using M&M's, in all my classes I went through the steps of the method. Through each step I emphasized the terminology that I will be looking forward later, also then the students could associate something to that word.

Most classes enjoyed the activity because what student doesn't like free candy. However, my period 7 class was cut short because I did not released that some of my period 7 was taken away because of academic prep period. Which caused me to rush the end of my lesson.

Things that I really remembered is just timing is key, and also following a set plan. My host teacher recommend that I might even have something like a script on my desk so I can really try and get that flow as I continue to teach.

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