Political Campaigning
By: Kadijah Francis

Political Campaigning within the usage of multimedia

How social media falls into the category of multimedia

During the campaign Facebook was used to connect with potential voters especially younger part of the electorate. Groups supporting Obama as well as official pages were used as platforms to discuss issues.

YouTube was used to publish interviews , ad debates making the content to be available after any TV broadcast. The videos also made platform for viewers to give feed back.

Twitter and blogs were used to provide minute information on progress of campaigning.

The Website connects the voters to the campaign in a creative way that helps them to Understand what questions that they may have or help them to be connected to their outside world.

Past politicians sill are connected with the usage of social media like twitter as well as any other social media that is necessary.

Some political campaigns force you to sign up to be able to access what the politician is currently doing now of will be doing later within the future. 

In the end political campaigning stays connected to the voter through social media and e-mails of updates.

Politician is then able to stay connected to the viewer through the new age that helps them to stay connected.Voters are able to stay connected with the politicians work and are able to understand with the FAQ as well as having a RSS feed to help them stay connected.

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