Luke Currier

I am Luke Currier, I am fourteen years old.  I attend Girard High School and I am a freshman.  I live with my mother, my father, and my brother.  I play baseball and run cross country and want to, but can't play football.  

One representation

One thing that describes me is a calm ocean.  I am pretty mellow and laid back just like the ocean when it is calm.  I also enjoy watching the ocean when it is calm and not when it has white caps and is wavy.

Second Representation

Another thing that represents me is the cross country logo.  It represents me because I am fast and I run cross country.  I have been running for two years and this will be my third.  It is fun to do and very competitive, but it's not my favorite sport.

Third Representation

The final representation of me is the baseball.  The baseball is of course used for baseball which I play, and it is my favorite sport.  It takes very good hand/eye coordination to play and lots of precision too.

First Goal

My first goal is to become better at cross country.  What I have learned is I can run a mile in about seven to eight minutes(disregard the time on the stopwatch).  And I plan on working and pacing myself more to become more faster.  

Second Goal

My second goal is to have a good batting average and and O.B.P. (On base percentage).  I don't know what my average and O.B.P.  were from last year, but I know I can do better this year.  So I will have to practice and work harder to get them better from last year.

Final Goal

My final goal is to have a lot of money, (I know right) but who doesn't?  Well first of all you need to have a good job, so I'm guessing i'm going to need one of those.  And when I say a good job i'm not talking about McDonald's.  I somewhat have a job, but not yet, for now I am in training to be a pilot and they make a good amount of money.  So all I need to do is pass my aviator's test then I will be a pilot.

Place to visit

I would love to travel to Paris because it seems like a nice place to travel.  It is also outside of the U.S. so you would meet a lot of people, except for the fact that they don't speak English.  I would also like to go there to see all of the historical attractions, but I don't know any, so I will just see the sights.

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