By: Ally Condie

Crossed continues Cassia's story. With Ky gone in the mountains, and Xander's been moved to another city. Cassia decides to find Ky when she hears he is in the mountains. She sets off to find Ky  by signing up to go fight for the society. When Cassia is there she meets a girl named Indie. The two girls meet a boy that takes them on the long run towards the carving. Where he said Ky was. Indie and Cassia go to find Ky and the boy heads into a canyon. They walk through a canyon for many days until Cassia gets sick. She isn't worried because she has a container of blue tablets from Xander, so she takes one. When Indie discovers that Cassia took a blue tablet she gets really worried because she knows what the blue tablets really do, They shut you down. With Cassia getting sicker and no traces of Ky Indie's hope of rebellion starts to die.

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