Freezer and fridges Company
by Torilynn Davis

Business Description

Saturn is a spectacular place to start a business. I have started a freezer and fridge company.Saturn has ice asa natrul resource, so i decided to make some use out of it . I am using the rings to cool down both machines. The fridge and freezer will both come in many colors they will also come in  different shapes and sizes. There are surprises in both machines. The reason for creating this company is because everybody needs a place to keep there cold food cold right.I think my company will be all across the nation soon. All in all my freezer and fridge company is awesome and amazing.

Pricing Page


small           $100

medium      $200

large            $450

extreme      $1,000


small        $250

medium     $400

large     $600


fridge   $100

frezer    $150

cooler   $30



small  $20

medium  $40

large  $60

persuasive leter

7891 solar panel road

Saturn solar system

January 27 , 2015

dear costumer,

You should come to my freezer and fridge store. You should come to my store because my store has the fastest working products. My freezer and fridges will have tour food frozen in 5-35 minutes. You should also come to my store because  if one appliance brakes we will repair it for free on us.  If you do get anything repaired you get to choose a free mini for you or your kids.All of my fridges are costume made you can choose any part and we will put the fridge or freezer together. They also come in many different colors shapes and sizes. Overall you should come to my freezer and , fridge company .

sincerely ,