Be safe when driving.

Phone's can wait

Smart phone's have become very popular, many people own them and use them through out the day. Even when behind the wheel. With many driver's carrying a mobile phone, it has become one of the most common causes for car crashes. You are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash if you are texting behind the wheel (source A). Young adults receiving their licence's need to be more aware of this factor. As a frequent phone checker myself, I know it is hard to resist checking that new message. Whether an adult with more driving experience, or someone just off the training wheels, having a cell phone in your hand can take away from your concentration, reflexes and quick decision making. It is no worse then being intoxicated, so instead of putting yourself at risk, wait until you are no longer driving, or pull over. Not only can you put yourself at risk but others too, such as passengers, other drivers or pedestrians.  All driver's are putting people at risk when they decide to use their phone, even calling someone can increase safety risks. Let's say you are driving on a highway, going at approximately 50mph. Your smart phone goes off, and so you decide it wouldn't hurt to see what it says. At this speed, it only take's five seconds to put you at risk. Driving at that speed, with your eyes away from the road for 5 seconds, you have already driven the length of a football field without looking at the road (source B). This is more then enough to put you into an accident, and at that speed the results could be fatal to both you, and the other driver. One in twenty Canadian driver's could be using a cell phone at anytime 9 (source C). It is not only teens but adults that do not practice safer driving, so please drive safely and responsibly. It only takes a few seconds to get into an accident, and even longer to recover. Be aware of the risks. (source A) (source B) (source c)

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