Angelica Saavedra

Should High School Last Six Years?

Obama says a 6 year high school in Brooklyn is a model for American education. 1/4 American teens dropout of high school in the U.S. Twenty other countries have a higher graduation rate than the United States. The U.S. is one of the worst places to dropout of high school since even the lowest paying jobs need at least a diploma to qualify.

Structional Functional

The Manifest function of this article is teenagers staying in school to learn and prepare for college so they can have a better future. The latent function of this article is teenagers dropping out of high school.

The reason for teens dropping out of high school is because of the uninteresting classes and don't see the point of going.

Verstenhen was probably used to determine how the teenagers feel about their classes and high school.

Social Conflict

High schools don't give teenagers many options to choose their classes. So the dysfunctional consequence would be teenagers dropping out.

If there were more years added to high school teachers would get fired and hired and that's not fair to those teachers who have been there longer.

Adding a few more years to high school would be a big process and unfair to the students who are barley entering high school because they have to go to school longer than the ones who have already graduated.

Symbolic Interaction

The ideal type of teenager would pass all their classes and finish high school with no problems.

Young, creative, inspired minds should have the freedom to explore their passions.

High School is the most troubled and poorest performing sector in American education.

My Opinion

In the article the question is asking Should High School Last Six Years? My answer to this question is no I don't think high school should last six years because more students would drop out. High school is stressing to many teens including me and all we want to do is to graduate with good grades and finish high school. Adding more years to high school will just cause more teens to dropout because they do not want to deal with more drama and stress. In this article it says students mainly dropout because their classes are "uninteresting".

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