Historical Figure Facebook Project

By Latisha Jacobs
Computer Science Class
Crossroads@Meade (Philadelphia, PA)


The person I am doing is Caligula.Caligula was born in Anzio, Italy. Caligula is a Roman Emperor, his mother name was AGrippina's Caligula(born B.C 14) and his father name Germanicus Caesar(born 15 BC), who is a Roman General.Roman Emperor Caligula who was very nasty to others.Caligula was married more than once by different woman.I learned about Caligula last year, and he was very rude emperor, so people who didn't know about him can see some facts about him.

Also picked him because there are some really interesting fact on him that I didn't know and so important fact that I don't know and others don't know.Another is many did not know about him, so it a good person that I did because not many know about him.

Also if you didn't know Caligula was violent,intolerant, dangerous,Hateful,disrespectful,cruel,sexual aberrations Roman emperor.He famous for being the first Roman Commander to invade Britain. I learned a lot about him, such as I didn't know Caligula became the emperor at a young age. Also I learned that one of his sibling died even before he became emperor.

Caligula Important Part Of Life