Don't be silly, protect your Willie!

How to protect yourself from HIV and AIDS?

HIV and AIDS kills around 2 million people every year. To decrease this number we need to prevent it from spreading. Everyone should know how to protect themselves,       and maybe one day we can live in a world free of HIV and AIDS.

Below you'll find a list of the best ways to prevent yourself from HIV and AIDS.

  1. Abstinence: it's a little drastic but it is in fact the best way to protect yourself from any kind of STD's.
  2. Sober sex: having sex when sober prevents from making big mistakes. Since the brain is not at it's fullest capacity your judgement get,s affected and you can end up in bad situations. For example: having sex with someone you don't know and without any protection. You might end up with some kind of STD's or even pregnant (or get a girl pregnant).
  3. Monogamy: having relations with only one person can help a lot to prevent HIV and AIDS. If you both get tested and only have sex with each other, you can't get STD's. So, only one partner is a good choice.
  4. Condoms: they're highly effective for preventing STD's and pregnancy. It is the best protection for someone who is sexually active. Keep one on you at all time because you never know when you're going to need it! It's better to have one when you don't need it then not having one when you do.
  5. Being careful with the needle exchange: HIV and AIDS also can get transmitted by  blood. When the blood of someone suffering from this type of STD's get's in contact with your blood, you can get the disease. Needles are use to transmit blood so be careful with the needles you use. Never take one that has been use by someone else before.
  6. Cover cuts with bandages: always cover any kind of cut with a bandage because you could get in contact with blood of a person suffering from HIV or AIDS.
  7. Getting tested often: you want to be sure you are not suffering from any kind of STD's, because sometimes you can't feel any difference. It could safe your life and many others.


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