Brief History

Chibbies was found in 1899 by Chuck Norris while he was out for a swim in the South Pacific. He Built a few houses himself but overtime many people started to live here and would just get here by boat. Over the hundred years Chibbies has grown form 1 person to more than 500 people. Countries such as China, Mexico and the United States help Chibbies by giving money and shipping foods because of its peace and safety.


In Chibbies there are many languages that are spoken. English, Spanish, and Mandarin are the only languages that are spoken here. Language doesn't really affect the culture Chibbies due to its against war beliefs. In the schools here it is required to learn English, Spanish, and Mandarin.


Food here is mainly healthy foods, but the foods that aren't good for you are given to the parents and it is required for them to give it to their children every 3 days. Most people don't go out ad buy foods, they grow their own food or go catch their food. It is normal to see families or people eating outside their house, but not to far out because then they'll become someones or somethings food.


Religion here is more of a mix that makes it into its own. God is worshiped but there are no churches because people here don't believe that you have to go somewhere specific to believe in God. There is no war due to its belief of peace against one another. And most importantly there is no police or nothing that involves the main people of the city, if you do something wrong you will be punished by the people.

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